New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Ohmbrie began in 1980 as a small boutique shop in Ontario, Canada. Founded by an immigrant woman, it first started as a creative outlet and turned into a full fledged business. She had a passion for fashion, and a yearning to create something of her own. Built on a strong foundation of a team that’s been there since day one, and clientele that’s been shopping with Ohmbrie for 3 decades. Having won multiple awards and a strong charitable pillar,  it's become a recognized boutique in the community. We’ve dressed young women for their prom, and professionals for work. Our mission has always been to help women feel confident in the clothing they wear.

With no intention of slowing down, Ohmbrie was forced to adapt like many businesses during the pandemic. Despite not being able to welcome the team and customers into the shop, the family that Ohmbrie built over the past few decades wanted to continue shopping.

After years of planning to bring the ohmbrie experience online. With the shop being closed for months straight, now proved to be the perfect time. With the bad became the good, we can now serve a global community of women looking to feel their best in what they wear. During this exciting transition, our focus has remained the same:

  • Curate timeless pieces for the important milestones in every woman’s life. No matter how small or big
  • A family vibe. Impeccable customer service.
  • Being a goto for inspiration

We’re excited to bring this vision to life and serve a global community woman. Follow us on social media for more editorial pieces or subscribe to our newsletter for updates and sales.

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