Sadwear: Embracing Comfy & Chic in 2021

Sadwear: Embracing Comfy & Chic in 2021

Getting dressed during the lockdown just raised its game

Although 2021 was meant to be the saving grace that got us out of this whole mess, we’re still logging in
into our zoom meetings and telling ourselves that after three days – “maybe I should go for a walk?"

Clothes are the truest expression of our feelings – and oh boy did 2020 show us that. We lived in the same T-shirt & legging combination or maybe you embraced the matching sweat combos. Regardless of your quarantine OOTD, we can confidently say that it doesn’t always *scream* joy (or spark it either). Which is why “sadwear” is resonating with so many of us. Coined by Esquire magazine’s style director, Charlie Teasdale, it can be used to characterize clothes that "make us feel better when we're sad, specifically born out of the existential ennui of lockdown".

Despite the name, “sadwear” is actually meant to be a mood-booster. Think cashmere sweaters & comfortable dress pants. Perfect for the 5th zoom call of the day, or the weekly grocery store trip. It’s not meant to just be comfortable clothes that you can wear during a pandemic lockdown – it’s clothes that will make you happy despite the impeding feelings of doom. 

As we approach the 53rd wave of COVID-19, we can assume that work from home sadwear is here to stay. It’s time to recalibrate your wardrobe & turn it into a dressing up box with vast potential. Embrace the coordinated, or the uncoordinated. Go for casual or bring out the black-tie attire. If it makes you happy, it’s considered “sadwear”. That’s the great news about sadwear – there are no rules.

Here are some of our favourite work from home pieces that are keeping us comfy and chic:


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